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First Chapters of Everything, The: How Genesis Chapters 1 to 4 Explains Our World.


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2014.

Seller ID: 107532

189pp:Alasdair Paine writes in his introduction, "Genesis was not given to satisfy our speculation but to bring us urgent truths about God, our world and ourselves." This book was written to bring out the beginnings recorded in Genesis - where we came from, what went wrong, and the first promise of the Saviour to come. - Publisher View more info

Life 2. The Sequel.


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2008.

Seller ID: 57539

128pp Many ideas of what happens at the end of this life have entered mainstream public thought. In the postmodern mindset, all are equally valid and all are equally possible but are they all equally thought through? Are you certain that death is the end or is there a life v2.0? [Publisher] View more info

Earth Restored Calling the Church to a New Christian Activism.


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2002.

Seller ID: 87638

256ppHave we lost sight of the `cultural mandate', to fill and sub-due the earth, to be salt and light outside the church? [Publisher] View more info

Puritan Profiles: 54 Contemporaries Of The Westminster Assembly.


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Christian Focus / Mentor,: 1996.

Seller ID: 87629

320ppThe author has provided biographical profiles of 54 members of the conference that produced the well-known Westminster Confession of Faith. The book also contains photographs, maps and information boxes. Individuals dealt with include Samuel Rutherford, Thomas Goodwin, Thomas Watson, John Owen, John Bunyan and many more. [Publisher] View more info

The Goodnight Book.


Price: $14.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2009.

Seller ID: 87630

127pp Slight crease on rear coverThe Goodnight Book is intended for... well, pretty well anybody of whatever philosophical or cultural background. Millions would concur with the author's experience at some point in their lives. The action-packed day that makes 'winding down' difficult, the fear of what 'tomorrow' may bring; pressures on the marriage, in the workplace or family; decisions looming ahead, the heaviness of grief - or the sheer trauma of moving house!... View more info

The Trials Of Theology Becoming a 'proven worker' in a dangerous business


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2009.

Seller ID: 96508

250ppStudents of theology can find themselves strengthened and renewed while they study, but it can also be a time of trial. This reader shows how to navigate such trials as we study for and then engage in Christian ministry. It includes wisdom from voices past: Augustine; Martin Luther; C. H. Spurgeon; B. B. Warfield; Dietrich Bonhoeffer and C.S. Lewis. Several modern authors also show how to navigate various aspects of theological study successfully: D. A. Cars... View more info

In Christ: In Him together for the World.


Price: $14.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2014.

Seller ID: 107436

92ppUnion with Christ is truly phenomenal and supernatural, but it is not make-believe or mysterious. It is beautifully pertinent to daily experience.'In Christ' focuses on how our union with Christ really does shape and impact not only everything we do and say, but how we say and do it. - Publisher View more info

Heaven, How I Got Here.


Price: $11.70

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2015.

Seller ID: 107530

95pp:What if you woke up one morning knowing that it was your last day on earth? That's what happened to the thief on the cross, who died a few feet from Jesus. Heaven, How I Got Here is his story, told in his own words, as he looks back from Heaven on the day that changed his eternity, and the faith that can change yours. - Publisher View more info

Slogging Along in the Paths of Righteousness Psalms 13-24


Price: $16.40

Publisher: Fearn, Ross-shire:, Christian Focus,: 2104.

Seller ID: 101184

189pp:Dale Ralph Davis plunges right into the middle of King David's hard times with a study that is resonant for our lives. King David's faith brought him through the muddy parts of life. Will we find that depression is our final response to a hard path? Will faith carry us across? Find the encouragement that Psalms 13-24 hold for the Scripture-filled life. - Publisher View more info

The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life Psalms 1-12


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Fearn, Ross-shire:, Christian Focus,: 2011.

Edition: Reprint

Seller ID: 113644

144pp View more info

Revelation (Mentor Expository Commentary Series).


Price: $47.00

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2015.

Seller ID: 108100

463ppThere is so much in the past, present and future that we do not understand. The book of Revelation helps us understand who is in full and sovereign control, the victorious Lamb on his throne. And what a great unveiling of the glorious Saviour is revealed in this apocalyptic book! In 65 expositional chapters, Douglas Kelly draws our attention to the central theme of this profound book; the Lord Jesus Christ himself. "The beauty, fragrance, majesty, grace ... View more info

Marrow Of Modern Divinity.


Price: $47.00

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2009.

Seller ID: 98039

390ppAn intriguing book, quite unlike any other The Marrow of Modern Divinity defies pigeonholing. It was written in the 1600s by an author of whom we know little, yet it proved to be a critically important and controversial theological text. Penned as dialogue between a minister (Evangelista), a young Christian (Neophytus), a legalist (Nomista) who believes Christianity is a set of rules to be obeyed and Antinomista who thinks it's okay to sin because God will ... View more info

Unity and Diversity The Founders of the Free Church


Price: $17.60

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications,: 2010.

Seller ID: 87637

240ppIt has been many years since there has been a popular level book, which has looked at the life and ministry of some of the fathers of the Free Church of Scotland. This book looks at the life and ministry of a number of the key figures in the Disruption era and late 19th Century Free Church. Beginning with Thomas Chalmers, each chapter has a biographical sketch of a key figure with an emphasis on why these men mattered in their time and what they still have t... View more info

Isaac Watts.


Price: $18.80

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2013.

Seller ID: 107435

196ppThe life story of Isaac Watts 1674 - 1748, the hymn writer who wrote over 700 hymns including the well-known "When I survey the Wondrous Cross", "O God, our help in ages past" and "Jesus shall reign where'er the sun"- hymns which are still sung to this day. Brought up in a non-conformist church and family, Isaac Watts knew what it was to be a pastor whilst also battling prolonged periods of illness. His writings were often i... View more info

Image for The Erosion of Calvinist Orthodoxy  Drifting from the Truth in Confessional Scottish Churches

The Erosion of Calvinist Orthodoxy Drifting from the Truth in Confessional Scottish Churches


Price: $21.10

Publisher: Christian Focus / Mentor,: 2009.

Seller ID: 93812

233ppHow do strong confessional churches that seem to be doing all the right things drift inexorably from the truth. What is clear from Ian Hamiltons fascinating study is that it doesnt happen over night but it is a gradual erosion of theological and doctrinal standards. Nineteenth century Scotland was seen as a Christian nation composed of church-going people. Among its churches, Presbyterianism was strongest and within Presbyterianism there were several large d... View more info

70 Great Christians : The Story of the Christian Church.


Price: $22.90

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2004.

Seller ID: 87639

360ppFrom the first century to the present, Christians have been changing the world! In this fascinating account of the lives of 70 Christians, you'll discover how belief in Jesus inspired ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. From Paul to Martin Luther, Elizabeth Fry to Corrie ten Boom, you'll be moved by their courage and strengthened in your own spiritual journey. Includes pictures, maps and charts. View more info

The Covenant of Grace Edited by Allan Harman


Price: $17.60

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2002.

Seller ID: 71278

409ppFifty years ago Allan Harman was given a small, well-worn book of handwritten sermon notes. They were Matthew Henry's own notes from a series of sermons preached to his Chester congregation during 1691 and 1692. In transcribing them he revealed a deeply spiritual work that allows us to read Matthew Henry on that most fundamental of doctrines - God's promise of unmerited favor to mankind. It is a very comprehensive work; all but four canonical books are menti... View more info

Image for A Week in the Life of MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship).

A Week in the Life of MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship).


Price: $21.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2006.

Seller ID: 102298

318ppThe themes of the second book in this series are Missionary tales and remarkable conversions. Other themes covered in the series are Living for God and the value of scripture Missionary Tales and Remarkable Conversions; Honouring God and Dramatic Deliverances; Faithful Witnesses and Childhood Faith.Joel Beeke and Diana Kleyn have taken a selection of real life incidents and fictional narratives and developed them into a series of devotional books for childre... View more info

Roots: Let The Old Testament Speak.


Price: $26.50

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2009.

Seller ID: 107681

417pp"The title, Old Testament, creates difficulties of its own. If it is "Old" and we are people of the "New", surely we may properly let it fade away into history? Besides, it seems very unlike the New Testament, even contradictory: all those wars when Jesus is the Prince of peace; all those commandments to obey when we are not under law but under grace. And can the God of the Old Testament be a God of love like the Father, Son and Holy Spir... View more info

To Walk Or Stay.


Price: $16.40

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2013.

Seller ID: 107535

141ppHer marriage slowly deteriorated behind the facade of a happy, Christian home. After six years together, with three young children, Lara discovered the devastating reality of her husband's marital betrayal.Lara gives tender guidance to any woman walking the unexpected paths of betrayal. But even more than that, she testifies of the victorious life in Christ available to everyone, regardless of any shattered hopes or suffocating fears. - Publisher View more info

John Knox Fearless Faith


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Fearn, Ross-shire:, Christian Focus,: 2014.

Seller ID: 107528

126ppThe life and influence of John Knox permeates into many areas of Scottish and world history. The real story of Knox surpasses the best fiction novels. Five hundred years after his death Stephen Lawson seeks in this book to ignite our faith for Jesus through Knox's story. If you think of Knox as the dull Presbyterian, prepare to think again. - Publisher View more info

The Far Above Rubies: Life Of Bethan Lloyd-Jones.


Price: $21.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2015.

Seller ID: 107525

251ppThe galleries of the great heroes of faith contain many inspirational women; although not always placed in as prominent a position for all to see, their service has been invaluable in God's kingdom. The wife of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones was such a woman. Bethan Lloyd-Jones' portrait has long been hidden in a part of the gallery known only to her family and certain close friends. Lynette G. Clark brings this portrait into view, capturing the wit, wisdom and faith... View more info

Priorities For The Church.


Price: $5.80

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2003.

Seller ID: 87634

144pp Dimensions: 162 x 216 x 10 mm Weight: 0.145 kilosChristians make up the church and it is our responsibility to prayerfully consider how we can affect the situation, sitting idly by is not an option. Donald Macleod brings his customary flourish to this pressing topic. His seemingly effortless ability to communicate complicated issues ensures that his message is clear. [Publisher] View more info

Priorities For The Church.


Price: $9.40

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2003.

Seller ID: 106108

144pp Dimensions: 162 x 216 x 10 mm Weight: 0.145 kilosChristians make up the church and it is our responsibility to prayerfully consider how we can affect the situation, sitting idly by is not an option. Donald Macleod brings his customary flourish to this pressing topic. His seemingly effortless ability to communicate complicated issues ensures that his message is clear. [Publisher] View more info

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Jesus Christ An Introduction to Christology


Price: $9.40

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2012.

Seller ID: 97655

81ppCould you explain Christology if asked to? For many of us, the whole concept of Christology is as mystifying as a foreign language, yet Christians down the ages have fought to defend the person and work of Christ - seeing him and what he did quite rightly as a vital element of how we are saved. If we are to understand this subject we need to know the person of Christ; not just what he did (his work) but who he is (his person). Through this book we get to know... View more info

Magnify The Lord: Luke 1:46-55.


Price: $9.40

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2011.

Seller ID: 111234

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Get Over It.


Price: $11.70

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2013.

Seller ID: 107533

155ppUnrealistic expectations. Hurt feelings. False guilt. As we go about our daily lives, we are so often mired down in all kinds of joy-robbing thought patterns and unhealthy habits. But grounded in God's Word, we can move on, set free from these burdens. Through more than 25 years of ministry, author Mary Whelchel has developed insightful wisdom for leading women to experience the true freedom of following Christ. - Publisher View more info

Practicing Proverbs Wise Living for Foolish Times


Price: $17.60

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2003.

Seller ID: 96341

237pp Index View more info

Seven Churches of Asia.


Price: $5.80

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications,: 1990.

Seller ID: 87641

Dimensions: 4 x 126 x 198 mm Weight: 0.060 kilos Pages: 60 From one of Scotland's greatest preachers, Robert Murray McCheyne, we have this fascinating collection of sermons that were preached during a period of great revival in Scotland. With seven sermons, one each on the churches in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea, we are offered valuable insights into the distinctives of these early church situations. They give the reade... View more info

Is There Anybody Out There?: A Journey from Despair to Hope.


Price: $11.70

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2007.

Seller ID: 88488

128pp Dimensions: 111 x 111 x 9 mm Weight: 0.505 kilos Since the publication of 'A child called "it"' by Dave Pelzer there hasn't been a story like this. But this is not just another harrowing story about an excruciating childhood and the ravages on a life it produces. The difference is that Mez not only escaped from his 'trial by parent' but he discovered a hope that has transformed his life. He in turn has helped others find hope in their lives. Mez's s... View more info

D is for Depression.


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2006.

Seller ID: 107682

232ppDepression seems to be everywhere. You all know someone who suffers from it - you may yourself? It has become such a part of the psychological landscape that it can be met with cynicism, or indifference, which is a problem - because Depression does exist - and people suffering from it need help. The concept of D IS FOR DEPRESSION is what makes it immensely valuable. It is a self-help book about getting better - a resource for those who suffer, or who are clo... View more info

Our Covenant Heritage The Covenanter's Struggle For Unity In Truth includes the Memoir of James Nisbet and the Sermons of John Nevay


Price: $23.50

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2001.

Seller ID: 78714

430ppThe drama depicted in this book took place in Scotland in the late seventeenth century when English Kings conducted a twenty-eight year reign of terror to destroy the Presbyterian Church. Historians refer to those persecuted as 'Covenanters' because they had sworn a covenant to preserve their faith. Thousands chose to suffer persecution rather than give in to the king, hundreds died. The troubles of John Nisbet of Hardhill, began when he refused to have one... View more info

God In The Shadows: Evil in God's World.


Price: $23.50

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2006.

Seller ID: 87620

Dimensions: 137 x 216 x 25 mm Weight: 0.363 kilos 336ppCrime, famine, disease, war, earthquakes, floods; we open our newspapers, or switch on our television sets, and are confronted with pain and suffering in the world. And that doesn't include a myriad of lesser hurts: daily ones which, while they don't show up on the news, tear at us nonetheless - relationship breakdowns, disloyalty, rejection. We all experience pain and evil to some extent and are affected by... View more info

The Yankee Officer And The Southern Belle.


Price: $9.40

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2012.

Seller ID: 96342

184ppIt began like a fairytale amidst mint juleps and magnolias in Mississippi. But as their love grew, its fruit flourished and spread to a most unlikely place - across the mission fields of Africa. The Yankee Officer and the Southern Belle is the vivid recollection of how God called Nell and Jack Chinchen from the comforts of their "perfect" life to a risky, lifelong journey they would never regret. More than forty years ago, the Chinchens arrived in Li... View more info

Firm Foundations.


Price: $21.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2011.

Edition: New Expanded Edition

Seller ID: 97726

286ppThere is still a hunger for and an appreciation of expository preaching. Here Peter Grainger includes over 200 examples of how to structure a sermon. Drawn from the Old and New Testaments these include introductions on preaching a whole book, a verse, a topical series, a psalm, and recommended books for further study. It is designed to help experienced and new pastors alike, and could also be used in personal bible study. - Publisher View more info

Comfort In Sorrow (Large Print).


Price: $5.90

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2002.

Seller ID: 87632

Dimensions: 111 x 178 x 10 mm Weight: 0.118 kilos Some page browning We have all needed comfort at some time in our lives. People search for comfort in all sorts of places, from the empty psychobabble of the self-help book to the oblivion of alcoholism. The only completely satisfying source of comfort is found in the Bible - and, more particularly, knowing Jesus as a friend. This is shown in the story of the death of Lazarus. Jesus comforted Lazarus' sisters, Mar... View more info

Revival on the Causeway Coast: The 1859 Revival in and Around Coleraine.


Price: $17.60

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2009.

Seller ID: 96469

216ppSet within a wider socio-political and religious context this book takes a close look at the impact of the 1859 revival on the town of Coleraine on the north coast of Ireland. The salient features of the revival are outlined, the views of supporters as well as critics discussed and analysed. This book is one of the first detailed accounts, based largely upon archival and other primary source material, of the impact of the 1859 revival on a local community i... View more info

Faith's Reasons for Believing: An Apologetic Antidote to Mindless Christianity.


Price: $25.80

Publisher: Mentor,: 2008.

Seller ID: 76993

480pp Dimensions: 138 x 216 x 111 mm Weight: 0.505 kilosUsing extensive Biblical references, Reymond takes us on a comprehensive tour of why it is possible for belief to exist as a result of knowledge in the Christian faith. He gives us both reasons for believing in key aspects of the Christian faith and a defence of the presuppositional apologetic method. [Publisher] "Militant Atheistic writers are making an all-out assault on the Christian faith today they... View more info

Unashamed Workmen: How Expositors Prepare And Preach.


Price: $23.50

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2014.

Seller ID: 107685

254ppBringing together some of the finest preachers of our day, 'Unashamed Workman' focuses on the methods men such as Josh Moody, Richard D Phillips and David Meredith use to prepare their sermons. You will find a variety of approaches and styles but they all share a passion for the Word of God to be explained and applied clearly. - Publisher View more info

The Top 100 Questions Remix.


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2006.

Seller ID: 107684

215ppAs a popular media broadcaster and conference speaker, Richard Bewes often faces tricky questions about the Christian faith. This book collects answers to the top 100 asked by people from all opinions and religious beliefs remixed for young people. These are not 'pat' answers to make you feel smug and the questioner seem stupid they are the sort of thing you could use in a conversation - if only you had thought it out in time When you socialise with friends ... View more info

Radical Love In A Broken World.


Price: $11.70

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2011.

Seller ID: 76962

224ppRon Nikkel is the President of Prison Fellowship International, a global association of national Prison Fellowship organizations. Their mission is to mobilize and assist the Christian community in its ministry to prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims and their families. Ron has travelled extensively and visited more than 1,000 prisons in 120 countries. There he has witnessed the transformation that can take place in people 's lives when they finally face up to re... View more info

Lectures to My Students.


Price: $25.80

Publisher: Christian Heritage,: 2000.

Seller ID: 97478

Dimensions: 142 x 221 x 48 mm Weight: 0.708 kilos Pages: 512 Spurgeon knew he could influence the church beyond his own lifetime if he could encourage future pastors to trust the Bible, love people and preach the truth fearlessly. To that end, he published his college lectures in this pastoral theology classic. Included in the 28 chapters are such lectures as: - The Call to Ministry - The Preacher's Private Prayer - On the Choice of a Text - On the Voice - The Ho... View more info

A Christian's Evangelistic Pocket Guide to Islam.


Price: $7.00

Publisher: FFM / Christian Focus,: 2008.

Seller ID: 107520

77ppSpeaking to Muslims about Christianity can be unsettling for Christians. Our understanding of the Islamic faith is limited, and their critique of the Christian faith is unlike others we may have come across. Despite the difficulties we are called to be ready to witness and since Islam is the world's fastest growing religion Christians in every walk of life are going to have to learn to answer their criticisms. Malcolm Steer has considerable experience witness... View more info

Image for Bible Overview.

Bible Overview.


Price: $12.90

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2008.

Seller ID: 96464

336ppForeword by Richard Bewes. This will give you a Brilliant introduction to the Bible! Written with young people and new believers in mind Steve helps us get to grips with the structure and the meaning of God's word. In fact it is Steve's desire that we delight after God's Word and hopes that desire to devour God's word and enjoy it would be birthed in us. The Group study material from each chapter is available to download below. ^^"Steve has a fever for ... View more info

Image for The Cost of the Kingdom.

The Cost of the Kingdom.


Price: $11.70

Publisher: Fearn, Ross-shire, Scotland:, Christian Focus,: 2012.

Seller ID: 101431

125pp. View more info

Life Of God In The Soul Of The Church.


Price: $17.60

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2012.

Seller ID: 96513

256ppIn this transformational book, trusted pastor Thabiti Anyabwile repositions our thinking about spiritual fellowship. Extending the concept of Divine life presented in Henry Scougal’s classic The Life of God in the Soul of Man, Anyabwile contends that union with Christ is not individualistic, but is discerned in the soul of the local church. This vision of spiritual fellowship is not centered on external activities and programs, but on our shared life in Ch... View more info

Everyday Worship.


Price: $14.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2013.

Seller ID: 107679

221ppAs women busy about our work, we often leave God to the spiritual categories of our lives, seeing our daily occupations as just work. In "Everyday Worship," biblical counselor Trisha Wilkerson addresses the underlying heart issues that keep us from seeing all of life lived for God's glory. The challenge of connecting work to worship is as old as the story of Mary and Martha, Wilkerson teaches. The solution, though, is not to choose between worship an... View more info

Reformation: Yesterday., Today and Tomorrow.


Price: $14.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2011.

Seller ID: 96523

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Lives Jesus Changed Lessons from Life from John's Gospel


Price: $14.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2010.

Seller ID: 77171

250ppIf you look at a family album we will begin to get an idea of the events, which have occurred in the life of that particular family. John's Gospel gives a snapshot of Jesus life and the lives he changed. John's gospel tells the story of Jesus the saviour of the world who came in flesh to forgive sins. Simon Vibert invites us to come and see the lives Jesus changed. But all these characters that we meet are not the one that the people had been waiting for. Je... View more info

Image for The Last Word.

The Last Word.


Price: $11.70

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2012.

Seller ID: 96476

200ppWhen someone respected and well known dies we consider their final words to be important and significant, even a distillation of that person's wisdom throughout their life. The most important last words ever spoken were spoken by Jesus to the disciples who were to be his witnesses, taking the gospel to the whole world. Jesus' teaching and example investigated here are not strictly 'his last words' but his meeting in the 'upper room' was the last time he saw ... View more info

Understanding the Times.


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 12.95.

Seller ID: 107677

137ppHow should churches and individual Christians react to the increasingly secular and amoral world in which we live? Through a study of three key chapters in Matthew's Gospel (chapters 8-10), Taylor argues that Matthew wanted his readers to understand God's perspective on the times in which we live. Through an analysis of the way in which Matthew presents the miracles Jesus performed and the teaching he gave his disciples, Taylor concludes that we do not live... View more info