Book Aid (Australia) seeks to help meet this need by collecting and distributing
 books and bibles to areas of need overseas

The Books We Send

We try to send the very best books overseas as well as tailoring 
collections to meet individual needs and requests.

Essentially all donated books are sorted between books for theological libraries 
and books for Christian Bookshops.

Consignments are selected and sympathetically matched according to doctrinal and denominational factors.

Ideally only the very best books
are sent overseas

The Books We Need

We need a variety of Christian Books and Bibles. 

We send to a variety of sources including libraries, 
missions, schools, Christian bookshops and books for individual Christian workers.

We particularly need:

Bibles in Good Condition especially King James Version
Bible Commentaries
Christian Doctrine
Study Guides - Unused
Books for Children


Fitzroy Falls Sorting Area

Some Books We Do Not Send

All donated books in the first instance are earmarked for overseas.

We try to avoid dated material including daily devotionals such as Daily Bread. 
Some Christian magazines and periodicals likewise.

Cult material, aberrant "Christian" books will not be sent. This includers more clearly cultic material such
as produced by Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and Roman Catholic sources as well as 
much current extreme charismatic, word of faith, prosperity gospel material 
(Benny Hinn, Marilyn Hickey, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen etc)

We do not send books in poor condition and books sent for distribution in retail outlets 
are expected to be in at least very good condition.

Publisher remainders in bulk are not shipped and as a rule 
we avoid CD's or DVD's which fall more into the entertainment frame.

The final decision on the content with any overseas shipment 
rests with Book Aid (Australia)
  Books sold through 
Christian Books Australia

 Duplicate, older or more specialist books 
not required overseas are sold or exchanged
through Christian Books Australia

This assists with costs and our ability 
to provide more suitable material 

Rockdale Christian Books & Book Aid (Australia)
 Book Aid (Australia) at Rockdale

 All stock at our bookshop at Rockdale is 
available for Christians overseas. 

Currently (August 2010) all fittings and 
approximately 60% of stock at Rockdale 
is owned by Christian Books Australia. 

As donations increase we hope (dv) to see 
all stock at Rockdale eventually 
owned by Book Aid (Australia).  

Selected Book Aid doner recipients can 
select book direct from the shop at Rockdale.
Rockdale Bookshop

 Are You Interested in becoming a Collector?

Become a Collector

Why not become a collector
 - if you have space at 
home or at church and are willing 
to collect and store books we will 
arrange collection at your convenience.

Collectors can use networks of friends 
in the church or different churches, schools etc
Books Ready for Overseas

 Dropping Books
off at Book Aid (Australia)

Books can be dropped off at our shop in Sydney:

Rockdale Christian Books
11 Watkin Street     
NSW  2216

We are open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 2.00 - 5.30pm 
and Saturday 10.00am - 1.00pm. 

If we are closed books can be left either in an out house or the house
immediately next door - a student house with 
the Presbyterian Chuch at Bexley - Rockdale)

  Posting Books

Book Aid (Australia)
55 Somerset Road, 
Fitzroy Falls 
NSW 2577

In certain cases we can assist with freight charges and arrange 
collection of large consignments 20kg + 
(Please check with us before sending books)

Small consignments up to 20kg are best sent via Australia Post 
(Locally the cost is $7.00, within NSW $10 - $12.00, Interstate Victoria 
and South Queensland) approx $20.00.

Following Your Donation

We do receive anonymous donations but if you do want 
to follow where books are being sent please 
include your name and email address

Also see our Current Projects page to follow your donation.