Going Through Even if the Door is Closed.


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Dr. Gary Kinneman describes Going Through as, "a treasure of the Twentieth Century, a chronicle of decades of Book-of-Acts-like experiences in the life of a singularly dedicated man of God." Rev. Guy Davidson declared : "To travel with Bill Bathman was an experience, an adventure, danger, intrigue and spiritual ministry all tied into one. He knew no fear, he walked into the lions den like Daniel, trusting God. Bill and Harriett will live long in my memory as a couple who were committed to sharing the only Good News that really matters - Jesus Christ and His love for a lost world. Youre in for a great adventure in reading this book." Dr. Larry Finch writes: "Their stories about what happened behind closed doors gives us both a deep appreciation of the way God did the impossible for them and encourages us to trust God even if it seems to us the door is closed." Dr. Bill Monroe assures us: "You will be blessed by this book." Rev. Donald Miller writes. "To accompany Bill Bathman on trips into Eastern Europe was without question one of the greatest highlights of my life. Now you have the opportunity to travel with Bill as he highlights Gods story over the past five decades." Howard and June Currie writes: "We appreciated and enjoyed your book. Thank you for a detailed, fast-paced even humorous glimpse of the other side." Daniel New (father of Michael New) writes: "I just finished reading your book, and it takes me back in time when I was praying for Christians behind the Iron Curtain as a high school and college student. Its inspiring." Jerusha Olsen writes: "My fathers grandmother isnt exactly a Christian. Shes feisty, independent and not very easy to please. My parents gave her your book to read and will you believe it: Shes reading it for the second time, with definite plans to read it a third time, this time looking up all the Scripture references! She says your style is excellent, your humour is good and your stories interesting and to the point. She also said she had no idea what the communists were like until she read your book." Rev. Paul Barreca writes: "Thanks for your book. We are enjoying it piece by piece in family devotions . . . were looking forward to more adventures with Uncle Bill." Helen Valentine writes: "I just finished reading your book. I couldnt put it down." Ron and Dona Coryell writes: "Bill , I read your book with great interest and was blessed beyond measure, and then promptly loaned it . . ."

Title: Going Through Even if the Door is Closed.


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