Biblical Principles for Africa.


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"Dr Peter Hammond must be congratulated by all Christians who believe in Biblical truth for writing this masterpiece Biblical Principles for Africa." "His bold and direct approach in confronting serious issues facing the nations is admirable. Above all his commitment to Scripture and belief in Biblical solutions for all problems in this age of compromise is refreshing and encouraging." "The major problem facing our nation today is crime. Our humanist government is failing to stop this scourge of crime because they do not know why people commit crime so readily." "We all know that you cannot offer a solution for a problem you have not identified." "Dr Peter Hammond has accurately identified the causes of crime and has consequently offered Biblical solutions for those problems." "If government does not heed his word of advise and wisdom based on God's Word, then they will never eradicate crime from our streets and homes." "South African's will have to prepare themselves to either live with crime with the present government in power for the rest of their lives or to vote into office a new government that will heed the wisdom of God's Word and fearlessly apply Biblical principles to contemporary problems." "I highly recommend Dr Hammond's book Biblical Principles for Africa to all Christians who want to inform themselves about what the Bible says regarding the problems facing us as a nation. But for those Christians who want to be part of the solution this book is a must read as it will equip them in how to apply Biblical solutions to contemporary problems." Rev. Dr. K.R. Meshoe, MP "This comprehensive yet concise book, Biblical Principles for Africa, by Dr Peter Hammond is a wonderful handbook which highlights the values which flow from the Biblical truths that should govern our society and our behaviour. It provides a basis for a successful God centred society as opposed to a failing secular humanist people centred society. This book is a blessing and should be studied by everyone seeking real peace and progress in our land. It is a proven road-map for success in South Africa and Africa." The Hon Kent Durr - MP, Past Ambassador and High Commissioner for South Africa to the Court of St. James's, London "Biblical Principles for Africa is an awesome handbook and it needs to be in the hands of every one of our people. We need God fearing men and women in government." Mrs. Cheryllyn Dudley, MP "If you want to read one Christian book that will stop you thinking like the world, get you thinking Biblically, by someone who is active practicing what he preaches then read this one. You need Biblical Prinicples for Africa to help you understand the world we live in." Douglas Shaw Economist and CEO: Global Intellegence Fund Management

Title: Biblical Principles for Africa.


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