Can We Rock the Gospel?


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Few subjects generate more heat in the Christian church today than the use of music in worship and evangelism. Does God endorse music of every kind? Can we cut and paste secular rock music and Christianize it in the process? Should the Christian church unite in bringing rock music to the altar or in sending it to the bonfire? Every musical form and every way of expressing it has as many detractors as it does promoters. Yet in recent years most of the conflicts have centred on what is generically known as rock music, which has become an increasingly dominant and divisive issue since it first slipped into church life some forty years ago. Two respected Christian leaders and best-selling authors who together have many years of hands-on experience in worship, preaching, evangelism and music have combined to produce a book that examines this controversial subject, using both recent evidence and time-tested truths. They come to a clear conclusion. They will not leave you neutral. 'A unique joint collaboration from the best selling authors of "Why I left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement" and "Pop goes the Gospel".' 'This book is a highly provocative and hard-hitting examination of the pop scene and the use of rock music in evangelism.' 'It is an attempt to take a calm, balanced, thorough and biblical look at the whole subject of what has been called "entertainment evangelism".' 'You may never listen to music the same way again.' 'I'm in what was until a few years ago a very conservative 200-year-old Presbyterian church. Our new pastor has begun a campaign to break down peoples resistance to new worship music by levelling charges in sermons such as "If you care about tradition or traditional worship, youre living in sin." How horribly wrong and hurtful! I am regularly in the cross hairs, and am praying for deliverance from this situation, by Gods grace. It is unsustainable over the long haul, without completely compromising what I believe Gods Word clearly teaches about how he wants to be worshipped. - (A Presbyterian churchs music minister) Dr John Blanchard is an internationally-known Christian author, teacher and conference speaker. Nearly fifteen million copies of his publications are in print in over forty languages. He received an award for his best-selling book Does God believe in atheists? as the best UK Christian Book for 2001. Dan Lucarini is a businessman who lives with his wife Judy and their three children in Colorado. He was a worship leader for several evangelical and fundamental churches in the USA, and was also a rock music performer, arranger and composer. Can We Rock The Gospel? John Blanchard & Dan Lucarini Published by Evangelical Press; Faverdale North; Darlington; DL3 0PH; 268pp; pbk; 7.95; ISBN 0 85234 628 X In 1983 John Blanchard wrote Pop Goes the Gospel exposing the danger of contemporary pop music infiltrating the music of the church. Dan Lucarini, the co-author of Can we Rock the Gospel? wrote Why I left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement in 2002, and this latest book draws on both earlier works while adding much new material. This is an excellent book and should be read by every minister and parent. In it the authors explode the myth that music is neutral and that all kinds of music are acceptable to God. They show that individual musical notes are neutral but when put together in a certain way they can become a very powerful force for good or evil just as an individual letter of the alphabet are put together in words they may constitute the words of the Bible or words of hatred or vileness. The ungodly lives of rock musicians are put under the microscope and we can see that these people whose works are virtually being imported into the church are the very worst kind or role models for Gods people. Many pop stars of the past and present have been notorious drug users, they have engaged in promiscuous sex, and many have been followers of the occult and of eastern mystical religion. We see also the intolerant attitudes of those who have brought rock music into the church. There is abundant testimony drawn from letters sent to Blanchard and Lucarini to show that Christians with conservative musical tastes are being trampled all over and driven out of churches which want rock music to attract young people into their services. The book deals with the assertion that some young people make when they listen to worldly songs: they say they only listen to the music, not the words; but when the same kind of music is brought into the church they then say that it is the words that really make all the difference, not the music. The truth is that the churchs rock music is almost identical to the worlds, and as it is almost impossible, in many instances, to distinguish the words - the world and the church walk hand in hand in their musical tastes. Another aspect of the subject is the loudness of the music. Evidence is produces of the harmfulness of very loud music and letters are furnished to show that those who play very loudly are often intolerant of any request to reduce the volume and show consideration for the feelings of others. All in all, I highly recommend this book to our readers. Rev. Gordon Ferguson British Church Newspaper (8 December 2006)

Title: Can We Rock the Gospel?


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Publisher: Evangelical Press,: 2006.

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