The Gospel According To Dan Brown.


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What is the real story behind Dan Brown's stories? Dan Brown's novels bring to the surface a long-standing debate over the validity of the claims to the Christian faith and the spiritual supremacy of Jesus Christ. Within the stories of Digital Fortress, Deception Point, Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code, he presents a worldview - a "gospel" - that is at the same time provocative and intellectually attractive. But what is the real story behind these stories? Is there more than meets the eye? In THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO DAN BROWN, authors Craig Bubeck and Jeff Dunn bring the discourse to new heights, comparing Brown's theological ideas directly with the Holy Bible's. Brace yourself for a truly provocative discussion, and decide for yourself who you'll believe. Choose wisely - THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO DAN BROWN or the gospel according to Jesus Christ. Unique study features include: * Plot Summaries * Character Sketches * THE DA VINCI CODE novel and movie comparisons * Brown's comments about his novels * Deep story analysis, helpful study and research index. - Publisher.

Title: The Gospel According To Dan Brown.


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Publisher: Victor Books,: 2006.

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