One Thing: Developing a Passion for the Beauty of God.


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The goal of our creation was not simply that we might be happy, but happy in appreciating God's own glory. Not in reviewing our own accomplishments or in the enjoyment of our own sensual appetites. Not in the development of a healthy self-esteem or in the acquisition of a four-bedroom home with a three-car garage. We were made to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Nothing is more important than understanding this truth. This inspiring work helps us see that beauty has the power to convince the inquiring mind of truth. The soul's contact with God's beauty elicits love and forges in us a new affection that no earthly power can overcome. Enjoying God in the revelation of his beauty is the solution to our struggle with sin, the catalyst for substantive and lasting change and is the soul's satisfaction, with which no rival pleasure can hope to compete. So what is it about God that when known and seen and experienced empowers the human soul to feel sickened in the presence of sin and satisfied in the divine embrace? That word again: Beauty - Publisher.

Title: One Thing: Developing a Passion for the Beauty of God.

Author: STORMS, SAM.

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Publisher: Christian Focus Publications,: 2004.

ISBN Number: 1857929527

ISBN Number 13: 9781857929522

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