Restoring Your Spiritual Passion.


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Gordon MacDonald, author of the book "Ordering Your Private World" is already a familiar name to many readers. Those who enjoyed his first book will not be disappointed with "Restoring Your Spiritual Passion. MacDonald's relaxed style and his frequent use of anecdotes as parables or metaphors press the reader into the subject, and the subject into the reader. From the very beginning of the book, MacDonald is impressing upon us the truth that we don't have to go around with our spiritual gas-tanks at or near the empty mark. When I was a little girl, my Daddy used to tell me, "It costs just as much to drive around with a full gas tank as it does an empty one." We can learn to identify the factors that threaten to deplete us spiritually, the ones that if ignored long enough, will cause us to become wearied and spiritually depleted. And we can learn what it is in our lives that helps build our spiritual passion. "We have over-complicated our God and His ways of coming to us. We have organized Him, strategized Him, and compartmentalized Him. We have reduced His ways of working with us to cute little formulas, and we have stood off in our own corners, critical of others who seek His face in ways that differ from our own temperaments or styles of perception. But it is clear that God longs to restore a spiritual passion within us. For the man or woman at the edge of a Jordan, wearied by too many choices and burdened with too many obligations, there is a simple formula: safe places, still times, and special friends. " p.218 A safe place is anywhere where we can come apart with the Lord, if only for a few moments, and hear him whisper secrets. A still time is one in which we are quiet within and attuned to hear God's voice. Special friends are those who help us grow with their vision and passion, with their encouragement and affirmation, with their partnership, and with their loving rebuke. Just as we must take time to build relationship with these special friends, so we must take the time to find safe places and still times in which to build an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. CLC Review

Title: Restoring Your Spiritual Passion.


Categories: Christian Life,

Publisher: Nashville, Tennessee:, Oliver Nelson,: 1986.

Binding: Hardbound

Condition: Fine in Fine DJ

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