Jesus according to Scripture: Restoring the Portrait from the Gospels.


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In recent years, historians and biblical scholars have been in active pursuit of the Jesus of history. These efforts have relied heavily on extrabiblical documents, since many historians consider the Bible to be propagandistic and biased. Darrell Bock, however, argues that when read together, the Gospels provide a clear picture of Jesus and his unique claims to authority. Jesus according to Scripture seeks to show the coherent portrait of Jesus that emerges from the Gospels, a portrait that is rooted in history and yet has produced its own historical and cultural impact. Now available in paper, Jesus according to Scripture is an excellent textbook for courses on the life of Jesus at both the advanced college and seminary levels. Pastors, teachers, and all those interested in Jesus and the Gospels will also enjoy this scholarly yet accessible book. [Publisher] - ?In this book, Darrell Bock has accomplished for Evangelical theology what the late Raymond Brown achieved for its Catholic counterpart: a judicious synthesis of the scholarship of his colleagues with the concerns of a canonical reading of Scripture. The result is a readable textbook that respects the exegetical diversity of the Gospels while emphasizing the unity of their underlying witness. - - - Bruce Chilton, Bard College - ?Bock - 's research and the contents of this work are excellent. . . . This work is balanced and up to date in scholarship cited, yet pertinent scholarship from the past is also cited. . . . "Jesus according to Scripture" will serve as an excellent textbook for a course on the life of Jesus as well as a supplement in courses on the individual Gospels or a New Testament introduction. - - 'Steven L. Cox, "Review of Biblical Literature" ?'This book is a wonderful illustration of the value of canonical criticism. The author - 's great knowledge of historical criticism is here employed in a study that takes the final form of the biblical texts as a literary unity. Bock - 's work has a wonderful balance between a respect for the uniqueness of each Gospel and an appreciation of the overall unity in the portrait of Jesus provided for the church. - - - C. Stephen Evans, Baylor University ?'There is a wealth of helpful and interesting information in this book. . . . [This is] a significant work, which carefully and meticulously goes through each passage in the four Gospels and shows its significance both within that Gospel and across the Gospel accounts. This work needed to be done, since it shows both the historical plausibility of much of the Gospel accounts as wellas the fundamental unity of the four Gospels. . . . A wonderful presentation of Jesus, as seen through the eyes of the four evangelists. As a reference work, this volume will be a welcome addition to every scholar - 's and pastor - 's library. - - - James Bibza, "Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society" [Publisher]

Title: Jesus according to Scripture: Restoring the Portrait from the Gospels.


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Publisher: Baker Academic,: 2002.

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