Confessions (Pure Gold Classics).


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Augustine's vivid descriptions of his struggles with temptation and his passionate love of God seem as full of life as if they had been written yesterday. Lively narrative and colourful anecdotes are interspersed with passages of great poetry in praise of God. In the process of describing his own very human failings, Augustine also gives advice on how to live the Christian life. His view that happiness is not to be found in transitory physical pleasure, but in searching for the truth beyond the material world, is more than ever relevant today. Written in 397 A.D., Confessions is the autobiography of Augustine of Hippo, a moving and profound record of a human soul and its struggles toward salvation. The most widely read of all his works, it not only tells the story of Augustine's struggle in the faith, but also his love for Jesus Christ. Confessions will speak to your heart about human weakness, human frailty, human temptations, and the need we all have for the graces of a holy God. This classic is an exercise in self-knowledge and true humility in the atmosphere of grace and reconciliation. Augustine's journey from sinner to saint is one many have travelled, maybe even you. - Publisher.

Title: Confessions (Pure Gold Classics).


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Publisher: Bridge-Logos Publishers,: 2003.

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