Thoughts on Religious Experience.


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Human nature and God's dynamic truth have not changed over time, so Archibald Alexander's pastoral insights from over 150 years ago are still relevant. The author recorded what he had observed in Christians, and his careful analysis of their experiences provides wise counsel for all those giving pastoral care today. I was afraid that the writing style would make the book drag, but that fear was not realized. The chapters that record others' deathbed comments did prove to be long, but they constitute a relatively small part of the book. I heartily recommend this book to all those going into or already involved in pastoral ministry. I wish that I had read it years ago. AMAZON Contents: Preface Chapter 1. Early religious impressionsDifferent resultsClasses of people least impressedExamples of ineffectual impressions Chapter 2. Piety in childrenComparatively few renewed in childhoodSoul awakened in different waysLegal conviction not a necessary part of true religionProgress of conviction Chapter 3. The new birth an event of great importanceThe evidences of the new birthDiversities of experience in convertsExamplesCauses of diversity Chapter 4. Causes of diversity in experience continuedEffect of temperamentMelancholyAdvice to the friends of people thus affectedIllustrative casesCauses of melancholy and insanity Chapter 5. Effect of sympathy illustratedCautions in relation to this subjectA singular case in illustration Chapter 6. Erroneous views of regenerationThe correct viewThe operation of faithExercises of mind, as illustrated in Jonathan Edwards's NarrativeThe operations of faith still further explained Chapter 7. Considerations on dreams, visions, etc. Remarkable conversion of a blind infidel from hearing the Bible read Chapter 8. Religious ConversationStress laid by some on the knowledge of the time and place of conversionReligious experience of Halyburton Chapter 9. Christian experience of R__ C__. Narrative of Sir Richard Hill's experience Chapter 10. Imperfect sanctificationThe spiritual warfare Chapter 11. The spiritual conflictVarious exhibitions of itEvil thoughts Chapter 12. Growth in graceSigns of itPractical directions how to grow in graceHindrances to it Chapter 13. BackslidingThe backslider restored Chapter 14. The rich and the poorThe various trials of believers Chapter 15. Deathbed of the believer Chapter 16. Remarks on deathbed exercises Chapter 17. Preparation for deathThe state of the soul after death Chapter 18. A prayer for one who feels that he is approaching the borders of another world

Title: Thoughts on Religious Experience.


Categories: Pastoral / Counselling,

Publisher: Banner of Truth,: 1967.

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