Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace.


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A fascinating study focusing on three significant themes relating to Lloyd-Jones ministry: the nature of true preaching; the importance of full assurance of salvation for a vibrant and persuasive Christianity; and the grounds of fellowship between Christians and churches. Contains previously unpublished material and a CD of a Lloyd-Jones sermon. From the Books Jacket: With the death of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones the most powerful and persuasive evangelical voice in Britain for some 30 years is now silent. So began an obituary for The Times in March 1981, written by John R. W. Stott. That Britains leading newspaper declined to accept the obituary was hardly surprising; the preacher at Westminster Chapel was scarcely in step with the celebrities of his age. But it is with more current assessments of Lloyd-Jones that this book engages. For some, great preacher though he was, he belongs only to the past. For others, he speaks directly to the current church situation. Dr. Mark Dever, of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington D.C., could say in 2007, Martyn Lloyd-Jones is one of the men I admire most from the 20th century, and the longer time goes on, my admiration of him increases. He had a more profound spiritual vision than anyone else I know. Iain Murray is not here repeating biography but concentrating on three themes he regards of major significance. On the first of these the nature of true preaching there is fresh insight on what Lloyd-Jones regarded as of paramount importance. The analysis distinguishes between what was true of Lloyd-Jones as an individual and what is the permanent essence of powerful preaching. The second theme concerns the place that full assurance of salvation must have if Christianity is to be vibrant and persuasive; and the third addresses the claim that Lloyd-Joness understanding of the new Testament church was needlessly divisive. There is new material here, including some pages where the author differs with his friend. But Murray seeks to follow Lloyd-Jones in seeing the glory of God as the end of all Christian life and thought. FROM THE AUTHOR: I came to know Dr. Lloyd-Jones in the early 1950s. He was then at the height of his powers and labours and I was an unknown student for the ministry. Nonetheless he gave me time and counsel as generously as he did to countless other young men. Hundreds will never forget what his friendship meant to them. He was a truly self-effacing Christian who sought to live for the approval of God, and one could scarcely leave his presence without being moved by a like concern. Any moderation of fundamental truth in order to gain influence was anathema to him. Here he was stern and unbending. Yet he stressed love as an imperative for all witness, and on secondary issues no-one was a stronger believer in the need for Christian unity. He was a Calvinist not simply in belief but through and through. He saw mancentredness whether in evangelism or in the theological scholarship approved by secular universities as the root of modern evangelical weakness and he did not believe the churches would see a better day until they learned to cease from man (Isa. 2:22). Although trained in one of the highest schools of scientific learning, his life as a Christian depended on simple faith in the word of God, and he died, as he lived, magnifying the grace of God. We all loved him and thank God that in very many languages around the world today his ministry reaches far more than ever heard him preach. Iain H. Murray IAIN H. MURRAY, born of Scots parents, was educated in the Isle of Man before serving with the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) in the Emergency in Malaya. After study at Durham University, he entered the Christian ministry, serving as assistant to Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel, and subsequently as minister of Grove Chapel, London, and St. Giles, Sydney. From 1955 (to 1987) he edited the Banner of Truth magazine, and in 1957 became co-founder of the Trust with which he remains closely connected.

Title: Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace.


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Publisher: Banner of Truth,: 2008.

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Condition: As New inc DJ (Very slight shop wear)

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