The Sound Hearted Christian.


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Nearing the end of his life and ministry, William Greenhill left his congregation a parting gift and lasting testimony of his pastoral care for their soulshe published The Sound-Hearted Christian. This book developed from a series of sermons Greenhill preached on Psalm 119:18, Let my heart be sound in thy statutes; that I be not ashamed. Greenhill shows that a sound heart is watchful and attentive, recognizing that our soul is our greatest possession. After demonstrating the excellence and desirability of a sound heart, he challenges us to test the soundness of our heart. He then directs and motivates us to get and keep a sound heart. The book ends with several appended sermons on faith, Christ, and Gods Word, which serve as further encouragements to establishing and maintaining a sound heart. Table of Contents: Biographical Introduction To the Reader 1. A Sound Heart Is a Watchful Heart 2. The Chief Care of a Gracious Man Is about His Heart 3. The Application 4. A Gracious Soul Desires Soundness of Heart 5. The Privilege, Dignity, and Excellency of a Sound Heart 6. How to Get a Sound Heart 7. How to Keep a Sound Heart 8. Motives to Keep a Sound Heart 9. A Description of an Unsound and Corrupted Person 10. Uses and Applications Additional Sermons Believing Falls Under a Command Christians Ought to Be of Christs Mind Do All in Christs Name The Preciousness of the Word The Sweetness of the Word

Title: The Sound Hearted Christian.


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