Astonished at Being.


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"Astonished at Being" is the kind of book you could give to a friend who would never get through a book on Christianity like "A Fresh Start" or even "A Sneaking Suspicion". It's easy reading, without being simplistic. It's funny, light and deep, all at once. Alternating between story and cartoons, with some colour photos along the way, it's the sort of book that looks great sitting out on the coffee table for family and visitors to flick through. Best of all, unlike some easy-going evangelistic books, "Astonished at Being" gives you the gospel message lock, stock and barrel. The book is brimming with Bible quotations and commentary, and a complete gospel presentation. And yet, you will find yourself chortling all the way through. Elliott Smith tells the old, old story with a freshness and frankness that many Australians, both young and old, will find attractive. (Publisher)

Title: Astonished at Being.


Categories: Evangelistic Material,

Publisher: St Matthias Press,: 1995.

Binding: Softbound Booklet

Condition: Very Good to Near Fine

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