MARTYRLAND: A Tale of Persecution from the Days of the Scottish Covenanters.


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"Over 18,000 saints of God had been martyred before the ascension of William III to the throne of England in 1688 and the subsequent 'Glorious Revolution' which brought an end to the terrible persecutions in Scotland...There are many historical records and accounts of the exploits of the Covenanters, but 'Martyrland' stands in a league all of its own. If you would like to be transported in your imagination back to the 17th Century and enabled to vividly hear, and see, and smell, and feel all that went on, then this book is going to capture your mind in a way that you will not easily forget! One piece of friendly advice: Don't let your Spouse know of this book until AFTER you have read it. I made that mistake, and for a few weeks my wife and I were racing to be first in bed so as to get first dabs on what still remains our favorite historical narrative!" - Pastor Robert Elliott, Riverside, California

Title: MARTYRLAND: A Tale of Persecution from the Days of the Scottish Covenanters.


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Publisher: Birmingham, Alabama:, Solid Ground Christian Books,: May 18, 2006.

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