One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism.


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This book covers all the bases as far as a biblical view of race and creation and its misuse over the years in evolutionary thinking. To sum up there is only one race, the human race, and that is what the bible says and the evidence shows. The book goes into science and genetics, but not enough for my tastes. Nevertheless, the science that is present does make a strong case. It also reaffirms the scientific nature of creationism and that creationists fully embrace that adaptation occurs within species. Both of these ideas are largely hidden from the general public. There is an interesting chapter on a pygmy being put on display in the Bronx zoo -- a part of history I was unaware of and am surprised has been so well hidden. It does not get into a history of racism showing how Christianity abolished slavery in the Roman empire or was on the forefront in an almost militant form against slavery in our own nation. There are other books for that. If you want to know what the bible says on race, how the evidence supports the bible, and what has happened since evolution was proposed in the 1800's, then this book will touch on those issues. William Bago Amazon Review

Title: One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism.


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Publisher: Master Books,: 2005.

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