This Little Church Had None A Church in search of the Truth


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Paul informs us in Romans 1:19-23 man's problem is that he has suppressed the truth about God that has been revealed in the creation around him. This suppression has led to darkened hearts and imaginations that are empty of spiritual reality. Man tries to fill in the blanks with whatever might be in vogue at the moment -- in biblical times it was idols and the direct conscious worship of creation. Today it might be New Age philosophy, Eastern religions, human achievement, humanistic theory, modernistic certainty, postmodern uncertainty, or any number of other theories. Bottom line: mankind has rejected God and His truth and suffers the consequences of that choice as God hands him over to enslavement by his own worldview with its resulting sins (1:24-32). It is no wonder people are disillusioned with life; sin and false beliefs ultimately have that affect. To this end this book is dedicated. We want to understand the opposition to having and living a biblical worldview, what steps we must take to implement the same in our churches, and then how to evangelize people from a biblical worldview framework. "The only issue I have with Gary Gilley is that I now need to buy another highlighter! With the skill of a surgeon and the passion of a pastor he draws irresistible attention to major flaws in modern evangelicalism and points unerringly to the remedies that are urgently needed. Everyone in church leadership should read this book - and then encourage their followers to do the same!" - John Blanchard - Publisher

Title: This Little Church Had None A Church in search of the Truth

Author: GILLEY (GARY E.).

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Publisher: Evangelical Press,: 2009.

ISBN Number: 0852347081

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