Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross (Second Edition) Contemporary Images of the Atonement


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It's not often that a book is written to answer the "So what?" question, but that's precisely the case with Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross. Inspiration for the book came when Mark Baker and Joel Green wrote Recovering the Scandal of the Cross, an argument against those evangelical theologians and pastors who focused on the penal satisfaction theory of the atonement to the exclusion of other complementary explanations. Readers were struck by their argument, but they asked, "How do we now preach the atonement? And how do we explain the saving significance of the cross when we evangelize?" Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross, brings together presentations of the atonement given in a variety of contexts, from Africa to suburban Los Angeles, from junior high Sunday school classes to coffee shops. The images and metaphors in the book have been developed by pastors, writers, and theologians. Contents 1. Contextualizing the Scandal of the Cross -Mark D. Baker 2. Deeper Magic Conquers Death and the Powers of Evil -C. S. Lewis 3. Rising Victorious -Frederica Mathewes-Green 4. Atonement in the Coffee Shop -Chris Friesen 5. A Different Story: Mark 15:21/39 -Debbie Blue 6. Atonement as Drama in a Sunday School Class -Dan Whitmarsh 7. The Forgiveness of Sins: Hosea 11:1/9; Matthew 18:23/25 -Rowan Williams 8. Atonement: A Beach Parable for Youth -Mark D. Baker 9. Made New by One Man's Obedience: Romans 5:12/19 -Richard B. Hays 10. Participation and an Atomized World: A Reflection on Christ as Representative New Adam -Steve Taylor 11. The Cross as Prophetic Action -Brian D. McLaren 12. Naked but Unashamed -Doug Frank 13. The Family Table -Grace Y. May 14. Jesus, the Ultimate Outsider -Mike McNichols 15. A Father's Advocacy -Ryan Schellenberg 16. Present -Luci Shaw 17. Salvation through the Sacrifice of God's Firstborn Son -Gwinyai H. Muzorewa 18. He Shared Our Aches -Curtis Chang 19. Absorbing the Three D's of Death Steve Todd 20. Go and Do Likewise -Mark D. Baker Notes Index As such, the book will appeal to pastors, professors, students, evangelists, youth leaders, and Bible study leaders who want to profit from the theology of the atonement as it applies across the whole spectrum of human experience. -Publisher.

Title: Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross (Second Edition) Contemporary Images of the Atonement

Author: MARK D BAKER (ED).

Categories: Atonement,

Edition: Second Edition

Publisher: Baker Academic,: 2006.

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