Kissing Cousins? Christians and Muslims face to face


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Many dire warnings have been issued about the coming confrontation between the Christian and Muslim worlds. The two worldviews seem fated to mutual incomprehension. KISSING COUSINS? Seeks common ground. We share a common spiritual ancestor in Abraham. Muslims and Christians share a belief that the one God creates and sustains the world. Man is endowed with moral responsibility. Yet so much also divides - our notions of worship and religion, our conceptions of God and Jesus (Muslims regard Jesus as a good Muslim - indeed a prophet - but not divine), and our centuries of hostility. This book looks back to look forward, unravelling misconceptions in the hope of truer understanding. Attitude-change is Bill Musk's major aim. Dr Musk starts with the life and ministry of the man, Muhammad. What was his experience of speaking for God? What did it cost? How does his experience compare with that of Old Testament prophets? Further questions follow: * How does the Qur'an compare with the Bible? * Is a comparison between the Qur'an and Jesus more helpful? * How do the two faiths conceive of God? * What about truth and power, theocracy versus democracy? * How do the two faiths relate the sacred to the secular?* How can two missionary faiths co-exist? Finally, how do we perceive Christ? The critical issue in any consideration of the two faiths' relationship is their views of Jesus Christ. Can Christians restate the 'meaning of Christ' in ways more attuned to a Muslim mindset? This task of exploration asks as much of Christians as of any Muslim. Can we begin to understand how Islam makes sense in itself? As we learn, can we start to speak with integrity and insight. - Publisher.

Title: Kissing Cousins? Christians and Muslims face to face

Author: MUSK (BILL).

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Publisher: Oxford:, Monarch,: 2005.

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