The Extinction Of Evolution .


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This book has been endorsed and sold by the three large creation-apologetics groups. ^ The author travels all ove the world, speaking to students and adults on this subject. ^ This book has been compared to "The Screwtape Letters" by C. S. Lewis [Publisher] The Extinction of Evolution explores what the world would be like if the theory of evolution were actually true. What it reveals will surprise you. Evolution, implemented to its logical conclusion, has severe ramifications for humankind. When one rejects the foundational truth of God and embraces Darwins alternative to our origins, a disastrous chain of events is triggered. As you dive deeply into this worldview of evolution, you will be exposed to the most frightening environment imaginable, where the rape, murder and exploitation of the weak are not to be punished but to be applauded. In the misguided words of Charles Darwin, let the strongest live and the weakest die. After traveling through the abyss of evolution, a miserable philosophical failure, The Extinction of Evolution brings you back to a place of hope where Christ stands above all as the Creator of this remarkable thing we call life. The Extinction of Evolution has been compared to The Screwtape Letters, a classic work of C.S. Lewis [Publisher]

Title: The Extinction Of Evolution .


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Publisher: Bridge - Logos Publishers,: 2009.

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