Support of the Suffers.


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A few thoughts on how Christians can help their fellow believers who live with long-term health problems. “I believe that this is a subject that shouldn’t actually need to be written about! It is not ‘rocket science’. It should be what could be referred to as ‘basic Christian common sense’, something that takes place naturally in the life of the church – and I think that many people believe that it does take place in the church, even if they themselves are not personally involved. Sadly, I do not believe that this is the case in the majority of churches today. In these pages I hope to just give a few thoughts about this area of need in our churches, with some suggestions of what can be done to remedy the situation.” — Hazel Stapleton “Support of the Sufferers is a very useful book, as it gives sound and practical advice for pastors and church leaders as well as for sufferers.” — Derek French

Title: Support of the Suffers.


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Publisher: Tentmaker Publications,: 2005.

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Condition: NEW

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