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Image for Wake Up & Live.

Wake Up & Live.


Price: $9.40

Publisher: Grace Publications (Great Christian Classics),: 1998.

Seller ID: 29256

Condition: NEW

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Image for Heaven Opened  The Riches of God's Covenant

Heaven Opened The Riches of God's Covenant


Price: $46.50

Publisher: Soli Deo Gloria,: 2000.

Seller ID: 10948

ISBN: 1 57358 114 3

Condition: NEW (inc DJ)

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Image for True Christianity Book 1.

True Christianity Book 1.


Price: $20.60

Publisher: Pietan Publications,: 2000.

Seller ID: 17501

Condition: NEW

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True Christianity Book 1.


Price: $14.10

Publisher: Pietan Publications,: 2000.

Seller ID: 140735

Condition: Fine to As New

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The Confessions of St. Augustine Foreward by Warren Wiersbe


Price: $7.00

Publisher: Revell,: 2005.

Seller ID: 41611

ISBN: 0800787242

Condition: NEW

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Legacy of a Legend: Spiritual Treasures from the Heart of Edward Payson.


Price: $17.60

Publisher: Birmingham, Alabama:, Solid Ground Christian Books,: 2005.

Seller ID: 68056

Condition: NEW

163ppPayson was renowned in his day as a holy, God-fearing man, who was intimate both with his God and with his friends. This current edition includes a useful biographical introduction by Ian Murray, the original printing of this work, plus material added by the publishers, such as letters, a copy of Payson's ordination service, and a list of recommended reading for further study. (Ref Heritage) Practical Divinity in its Purest Form - Joel Beeke View more info

Image for Confessions (Pure Gold Classics).

Confessions (Pure Gold Classics).


Price: $19.90

Publisher: Bridge-Logos Publishers,: 2003.

Seller ID: 51612

ISBN: 0882709488

Condition: NEW

467pp Dimensions: 138 x 217 x 32 mm Weight: 0.686 kilosAugustine's vivid descriptions of his struggles with temptation and his passionate love of God seem as full of life as if they had been written yesterday. Lively narrative and colourful anecdotes are interspersed with passages of great poetry in praise of God. In the process of describing his own very human failings, Augustine also gives advice on how to live the Christian life. His view that happiness is not to be found in transitory physical pleasure, but in searching for the truth beyond the material world, is more than ever rel... View more info

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Gumtree Gully.


Price: $8.80

Publisher: Matthias Media,: 2005.

Seller ID: 93178

ISBN: 1921068116

Condition: Fine

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Image for Real Christianity.

Real Christianity.


Price: $21.10

Publisher: Regal Books,: 2007.

Seller ID: 56396

ISBN: 0830743111

Condition: NEW

Dimensions: 139 x 215 x 11 mm Weight: 0.250 kilos 224ppHe believed that slavery was wrong; and with his classic book, Real Christianity, William Wilberforce set out to describe for people an authentic expression of the Christian faith. In doing so, he changed the course of a nation - and the world. In this modern paraphrase of a contemporary classic, Bob Beltz introduces you to a set of principles critical in living an authentic Christian life. As you read his passionate words, you'll find that Wilberforce's examination of what it means to have authentic faith in a time of cultural Chr... View more info