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Everyday Worship.


Price: $14.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2013.

Seller ID: 107679

Condition: NEW

221ppAs women busy about our work, we often leave God to the spiritual categories of our lives, seeing our daily occupations as just work. In "Everyday Worship," biblical counselor Trisha Wilkerson addresses the underlying heart issues that keep us from seeing all of life lived for God's glory. The challenge of connecting work to worship is as old as the story of Mary and Martha, Wilkerson teaches. The solution, though, is not to choose between worship and work, but rather to worship in our work. As we depend on God, find our confidence in Him, and work as stewards by his grace... View more info

Reformation: Yesterday., Today and Tomorrow.


Price: $14.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2011.

Seller ID: 96523

Condition: NEW

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Lives Jesus Changed Lessons from Life from John's Gospel


Price: $14.10

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2010.

Seller ID: 77171

ISBN: 1845500768

Condition: NEW

250ppIf you look at a family album we will begin to get an idea of the events, which have occurred in the life of that particular family. John's Gospel gives a snapshot of Jesus life and the lives he changed. John's gospel tells the story of Jesus the saviour of the world who came in flesh to forgive sins. Simon Vibert invites us to come and see the lives Jesus changed. But all these characters that we meet are not the one that the people had been waiting for. Jesus was that one but all these characters were "signposts" that pointed to Jesus so that might cause us to respond. I... View more info

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The Last Word.


Price: $11.70

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 2012.

Seller ID: 96476

Condition: NEW

200ppWhen someone respected and well known dies we consider their final words to be important and significant, even a distillation of that person's wisdom throughout their life. The most important last words ever spoken were spoken by Jesus to the disciples who were to be his witnesses, taking the gospel to the whole world. Jesus' teaching and example investigated here are not strictly 'his last words' but his meeting in the 'upper room' was the last time he saw his disciples together before being arrested and put to death. If these were just the words of a man they would be significan... View more info

Understanding the Times.


Price: $15.20

Publisher: Christian Focus,: 12.95.

Seller ID: 107677

Condition: NEW

137ppHow should churches and individual Christians react to the increasingly secular and amoral world in which we live? Through a study of three key chapters in Matthew's Gospel (chapters 8-10), Taylor argues that Matthew wanted his readers to understand God's perspective on the times in which we live. Through an analysis of the way in which Matthew presents the miracles Jesus performed and the teaching he gave his disciples, Taylor concludes that we do not live in a day which calls for judgment and condemnation, but rather one demanding gut-wrenching compassion for sinners and a bold... View more info